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Project overview

The project involved several key changes. Firstly, a sofa seating area was created on the left side of the shop, featuring Iranian/Turkish fabric textures on the pillows and ottoman seats. Vintage furniture legs were used for the coffee tables, and bronze accents were added to provide a vintage vibe. The right side of the coffee wall remained the same, but the bar stool fabrics were changed to com


Designed and rendered the whole project


2 weeks


Arch Cafe's interior design was in need of an update to create a more welcoming and visually appealing environment that aligned with the owner's desire for an ethnic and Oriental feel.

An abstract shape that looks like a turkish symbol.


To address the problem, I proposed incorporating Iranian-style decor and antique furniture into the cafe's design. Strategic updates were made to enhance the space while retaining some existing elements desired by the owner.

An abstract shape in a red color

"With the incorporation of Iranian-style decor and antique furniture, Arch Cafe's interior design has undergone a remarkable transformation, creating a captivating and inviting space that embraces an ethnic and Oriental ambiance."

Hand rendered illustration of the new benches and tables

More photos

To improve functionality and appeal, the bar area was relocated next to the stairs, which led to the basement, where the kitchen is located. Old doors were used as separators to create a rustic atmosphere and to separate the door and wall from the coffee area. A natural wood counter was installed, with a glass fridge in the middle to showcase desserts.

Rendered plan of the new proposed design

Original tables settings and cramped design

Bar area with the counter and glass holder above

Current bathroom before redesign

Final thoughts

The project's outcome was transforming Arch Cafe's interior design into a welcoming and visually appealing environment that reflects the desired style. I loved working with the clients, and they were very happy with the results.

More photos

Persian style patterned tile for the bathroom

New bathroom design

side view of a draft closet system

Entrance design

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