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Project overview

I have created and rendered a living room and a collection of meticulously designed furniture pieces in this fictional interior design project. I've tried to pay a lot of attention to textures and mix different patterns and materials to display a fusion of style and functionality, showcasing my interior design skills.


Concept design. 3D model. Revit renders.


2 weeks


While this is a fictional project, my goal was to produce the best quality render to communicate the feel of the design. The constraint was self-imposed on the timeline and solving that communication gap between the vision for a design and a polished piece.

An abstract shape that looks like a turkish symbol.


To solve that technical gap I modeled and rendered in Revit using resources I've gathered on my own. I'm self-taught in Revit and was very happy with the result on this project.

An abstract shape in a red color

I think 3D has revolutionized my way of communicating designs. Exploring that is a new priority!

Render of the furniture and mirror with a textured background

More photos

Through 3D rendering, I was able to identify and resolve potential design flaws or issues early on. By exploring the virtual environment, I was trying to spot any spatial constraints, lighting inconsistencies, or functional issues. This actually revealed some issues with the design and allowed me to refine it and ensure optimal functionality and comfort.

Rendered plan of the new proposed design

Custom kitchen design

Kitchen view

Livingroom view

Final thoughts

In this exciting project, I ventured to improve my visual communication skills and discover the art of effectively marketing concepts to clients.

More photos

Rustic design bathroom

View of the bathroom

side view of a draft closet system

Orange marble material

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