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Elifnas is an
interior designer
based in Toronto

I use a tried and true construction-first strategy to help me develop unique and practical designs for clients.

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Why choose me?

Designer with many hats

It starts with creative thinking and merges into design and construction.

Embracing boldness

Fearlessly Rocking Out-of-the-Box Designs!

Energetic Client Advocate

I always strive to offer honest feedback to clients to improve their project

Vibrant Fusion of Cultures

My background offers me a rich multi-cultural perception of aesthetic.

Smooth Sailing Projects

I love managing construction and ensuring smooth progress.

My process

Getting to Know clients

I always start with the most important piece of the project: the clients. I'll have often have a questionnaire or an interview ready to get to know what problems clients are trying to solve and why made them want to hire an interior designer.

Planning and Designing

In this phase I try to establish a design direction. I'll use inspiration, mood boards and space plans, then compile an initial design concept. I'll sketch to get ideas out and move from the big picture to more granular details.

Getting Technical

This is where my work transforms from conceptual to a more tangible project. I'll use auto-cad to create a construction-ready plan for builders to rely on. It can range from detailed floor plans, to furniture specifications and finish plans.

Project management

In this phase, I use my construction experience to move the projects forward. I'll handle the sourcing of material, the inspecting of furnishings and oversee the construction process. This is where I love to bridge the clients-contractor and business relationships.

Let’s talk about collaborating

I'm open for work, send me an email and we can see if we are a good match!

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