Museum of Emotions



Project overview

This building has been designed with inspiration from the yin-yang ideology, with the main goal of illustrating that contrasting emotions are, in fact, in balance within it. The yin side of the building is crafted with mirrors to evoke negative and infinite emotions in people, while the yang side is half-transparent to instill a sense of calmness and relaxation.


Designer, 3d Render




I started the project with a labyrinth-shaped design, but I lost balance during the design process. Then, upon reflection, I came up with the idea of the last shape, combining the maze and yin-yang forms to complement each other.

An abstract shape that looks like a turkish symbol.


Choosing materials played a pivotal role in the project. The Yin side is adorned with mirrors and features a raw concrete interior with a textured finish. In contrast, the Yang side boasts a wooden floor, smooth white paint finish, and glass elements, symbolizing freedom and spaciousness.

An abstract shape in a red color

"The maze's harmony emerges from the balance between complexity and clarity, where navigating challenges mirrors finding equilibrium in the journey."

More photos

Each of these spaces is completely different from each other and is far more than just a building.

Rendered plan of the new proposed design

Final thoughts

This project, inspired by yin-yang, skillfully balances contrast through thoughtful material choices. The maze design symbolizes the harmonious coexistence of emotions, creating a dynamic and resonant architectural experience.

More photos

side view of a draft closet system

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