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Project overview

The project involved completely transforming the Duplex Roof Suite, focusing on aesthetics and functionality. Key aspects of the redesign included creating four rooms, two living areas, and custom cabinets. The standout feature was incorporating a library in the bulged space, providing a cozy reading area.


Design. Project Management.


6 months


The original Duplex Roof Suite lacked a cohesive and visually appealing design, with underutilized bulge space and inefficient storage solutions. The lack of a dedicated reading area was also a missed opportunity for creating a cozy and functional space.

An abstract shape that looks like a turkish symbol.


We transformed the underutilized bulge space into a cozy reading area. Now, you have a perfect spot to snuggle up with your favourite book and escape into another world. To make it even better, we added a sliding ladder that gives the design a unique touch. It's now super easy to access your books and decorative items, making the space functional and charming.

An abstract shape in a red color

The duplex unit now offers a comfortable place to unwind and relax, and it does it in style!

Bathroom redesign

More photos

Another area we focused on was the bathroom. They were enhanced with elegant marble finishes, while roof windows were installed to maximize natural light. The end result is a beautiful and functional living space where every detail has been carefully considered and executed to create a cohesive and visually appealing design. The clients were extremely happy!

Rendered plan of the new proposed design

Final thoughts

This project reminded me that even small changes can have a big impact on how a space feels and functions. Carefully considering every detail made it a huge win for the clients, and we completely transformed the ambiance of their space.

More photos

side view of a draft closet system

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